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This page is a new page under constant construction that will develop over time and become a portal of information, links and news related to the Final Fantasy TCG.

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The Mako Reactor is started by “Ghostie”. I’m the webmaster, admin and editor of Makoreactor.net.

In our group we have Joel who is running the community at Dragon’s Lair which is the biggest local gaming store in Sweden and it’s located in Stockholm. We’ll recruit another 2-3 people so we can update, find and produce content. Probably a youtube channel aswell as livestreaming games.


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If you’d want to write an article for the mako reactor or post a deck list – please contact me and we’ll see what we can do! 🙂
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  1. Hi, Im Julián, a spanish fftcg fan that has played MTG for a lot of years and find this tcg very interesting (im fan of ff since i was a child).
    First of all congrats for the site, it looks great and hope you keep working on it.
    well, the main reason im writing this is because i would like you to check this Wind/Lightning deck consistency, i think is pretty good but i would like someone to have an eye on it and give me some opninion. This is the deck, thanks a lot for your time, i´ll keep a eye on your web everyday!

    Vaan (1-063H) x 2
    Onion knight (1-067R) x 2
    Zidane (1-071L) x 3
    Bartz (1-080H) x 2
    Hope (1-082R) x 3
    Yuffie (1-085R) x 3
    Lightning (1-141L) x 3
    Dragoon (1-147C) x 3
    The emperor (1-185H) x 3

    Maria (1-083H) x 3
    Archer (1-088C) x 3
    Red mage (1-121C) x 3
    Black mage (1-130C) x 1
    Sage (1-133C) x 3
    Seymour (1-137R) x 2
    Baralai (1-200S) x 2

    Alexander (1-061R) x 3
    Odin (1-123R) x 3
    Odin (1-124R) x 3

    As you see, is fast and its removals are Minwu-proof. Also allows to have activated backups to response in opponent turn.
    And that is all, excuse my english. Thanks again!

    • Backup line-up looks pretty okay. Enough 2/pseudo2-cost for a consistent start. Just remember to leave a spot for maria&Seymour. Most 2cost can dissapear on demand so it’s not a big problem

      Forwards looks okay. The Wind characters look a little bit too vanilla for my taste. Vaan+Yuffie are a bit weak in this format – not hitting a good enough powerlevel and there are really many 3-cost characters to block Yuffie aswell as reasonably powered characters to check Vaan. Vaan into Hope is good, but both cards usually just then sit there. If it was easier getting Alexander -> Vaan -> Hope that’d be great. Vaan will improve with coming sets so your deck list will improve! I think Vaan will be one of the best cards in the game soon we get decent sized characters for 5 meaning it will require 2 removals. It’s just that we need something like Squall (L) to play with Vaan and he’ll really take off and be god tier!

      The lack of great 5-6costs for Lightning & Wind can really hurt, but at the moment those are generally way too expensive to play anyway.

      I’m not overly fan of playing Emperor unless I’m using Cloud of Darkness as it’s currently the best way of profiting from it and even then it can be an issue. If I face an emperor player I usually either bounce or dull/freeze it. Or stall and let it hit for a turn or two and people are usually clogged by it. Without moogle or ways to drop cards or Yuj to put it back into deck it’s a little bit too inconsistent for my taste! But – against some decks it will really give you a card they have issues removing so it’s not bad.

      Looking at removal, most removal is focused on killing few big expensive drops, which is fine. but 3 Alexander AND 3 7cost odin is kind of a lot. I’d drop that down to 2/2 split of those to be more than enough. 2 Valefors to counter snow/zidane is often of higher value imo, or maybe go for.

      I’d drop L Lightning down to 2 in favor of the Lightning R that often is a way to end the game for me, or just sneak in a free damage. 2/2 Lightning R/L is a good split imo. Especially as I don’t mind not having Lightning L on my start hand.

      One thing you might consider is Aerith who supports all colors really well. Restanding all forwards and making them immune to abilities & summons is REALLY powerful in this format. Stopping omnislash or Odin 7cost is just great! <3

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