2017 Calendar!

I’m currently working an a calendar function to add to this site with all important dates – but for now, here’s the dates:

  • Opus Ⅱ booster pack: 2017 March 24 (Friday) Release
  • Starter set (new title two): 2017 early June released
  • Opus Ⅲ booster pack: 2017 in early July launched
  • Opus Ⅳ booster pack: Launched in October 2017

They stated that they wanted to ramp up things a little bit with around 2 booster box releases per year. This is important or the competitive environment grows stale if there are no new cards for a year. The tempo 2017 is relatively high as there’s not only booster box releases but the OP program and competitive play and player rankings are starting aswell. So a LOT of things is coming in 2017 – we will not have a chance to be bored.

  • Player Rankings will start around Opus 2 or bit later. Probably in conjunction with a large scale tournament!
  • Opus Tour in japan and probably in Europe/NA too. Most likely during the second quarter of the year.
  • OP program is starting this year. With it comes Sephiroth. About 1-2 foiled Sephiroth to the top players and 1 each in non-foil for entry.

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  1. This deck was made ages ago and Lann was priced around £3, for a 2-of that’s not so bad. Keep in mind Lann is far from required. This deck doesn’t revolve much around the specific card. The only card really required is snow and shiva. While expensive they are not Squall L, Cloud L, Ultimecia etc. Ice/Fire really work quite well whatever start hand you get.

    Snow is the priority! ^^

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