Box pull statistics

Cards are piling up. Crack those packs!

A lot of people frequently ask about these things. How many did you pull? How many foil L’s? I hear very varying answers and I started collecting some data early I might aswell share. I’ve witnessed first hand  25 box openings so far and taken notes on rarities & foils for some statistics.


Pack statistics per pack:
– 1x Foiled C/R/H/S/L
– 1x Hero or Legendary
– 3x Rare
– 6-7x Common cards


Foil statistics per box (36 foils always):
– 1-5L (1 and 3 being very common and 5 being reasonably common. I’ve rarely heard of 2 or 4. There seems to be some pattern here. It’s too uneven 1/3/5.
– 4-8H (usually 5ish)
– 4-8S (usually 5ish)
– Rest C/R foils (~equal for me)


None-foil statistics per box:

  • 200+ commons (6-7 per box have been noticed)
  • 7L per box always (shares pack slot with H cards. I’ve seen 0 samples of any other number from a sealed box opening. I’ve heard it once or twice but firmly believe it’s someone who have made a mistake in opening or mixing it up with other boxes. Or a manufacturing error but I’ve seen none on L cards so far.
  • 21H per box (shares pack slot with L cards. Occasionally an extra H is there)



  • 14 unique L: 4 boxes = 2 of each L card. ~2.8 of each L card.
  • 34 unique H: 3 boxes = ~2.5 of each Hero rarity card. ~3 with foils
  • 60 unique R: 2 boxes = ~3.5 of each. ~4 including foils.
  • 78 unique C: 2 boxes = just below 6 of each common card in average.
  • Conclusion: Smartest feels like 2 boxes then singles, or 3 boxes and singles if you like trading – while still having a low chance of drawing too many of a given card (except for r/c).




    • Thank you! I just wanted to post it to have something to link to as the question is repeated a lot. It’s common in TCG to go few a box or three and then rest singles to complete decks. Or even only singles. Boxes are so expensive while a deck might “only” cost $100-200. But I like the trading, collecting and having playsets of all. Preferably foils but that’s a personal thing xD

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