[OCTGN Open 2] – Round 1 report & Meta

The second OCTGN Open started recently and round 1 is about to be finished. The first few matches are completed! We see a few patterns and a couple of upsets – top players already lost showing us that the meta is still a little bit of a mess and everyone is learning (or being punished by) opus 2. There are drastic changes compared to Opus 2 and the format is very different overall. It’s very interesting to see more Opus 2 games and out of Japan the big tournaments are a bit more rare so this is a thing to follow!

Tournament Format

    • Tournament organiser: Lucas Watson
    • 6 rounds swiss
    • Quarter finals
    • Semifinals
    • Finals
    • Prizes by “FFTCG Singles” & “Dicing on the Cake”

Current Standings

[external link to Challonge.com scoreboard]

Match reports

A few games will be featured every round – our aim is for 2-3 games per round with various casters. Mostly recorded (posted on Youtube) and some streamed  on Twitch live. This round is now over and here are a few highlights.

Ryan VS CC


Video file screwed up so the footage is destroyed. Ryan – the winner of last OCTGN Open played a solid Wind/Water deck with cheap, evasive, durable & effective plays against CC’s own variant of Mono Lightning. Ryan brought all the tools needed to survive the mono lightning decks he expected to see. Having safe first plays that really makes it way more difficult to counter.

Ryan opened up really great in this match with 2 backups – knowing that any forward played at first will be punished hard. Proceeded to later play a Warrior of Light later as a first strong. Focusing on economy he played an archer and a Yuna (2cost forward) which would give him a free Paine as well.

His opponent tested the waters with a little bit of economy and a Ramza (3-cost!) to build up for future rounds.

Despite making a great play with Archer to remove Lulu’s +1k boost in combat with a dragoon to score a bit of advantage – the lightning deck was just a little bit too much today and CC seemed to have a response to every play Ryan made. Ashe, Warrior of Light, Aerith, Zidane and their likes just did not stop of onslaught that Lightning produced this day. This certainly won’t be the last victim claimed by Lightning decks this tournament, that’s for sure.


Michael VS Vinh


[spoiler] Vinh played an Earth Fire Deck with Cloud and a lot of the nice new cards but a clear focus on Earth as the main colour. Interesting to not only see mono colours. Belias playing a huge role in Vinh’s game and the new Sage>haste giving an extra damage or two where normally impossible – showing some synergy between the colours.

Michael piloted his Mono Earth really well and astounded everyone with a great shantotto and then a fantastic Scarmiglione in his opponent’s 2nd main phase. Vincent removed all blockers with a sick (S) Death Penalty that destroyed Tifa (L) and Barret (2cost) so Scarmiglione could steal the 7th damage. A really great play that show us why Michael score so high on average in tournaments! Great play and one of the best finishes we’ve seen so far.






Mono earth bring a lot to the table with the ability to give power when needed. Golem & Gippal being most prevalent. Boardwipes with Vincent. Effective plays with Ingus who can slam down a free backup or forward aswell as presenting a 9k body with Enna Kros active. Extreme efficiency. Raubahn or Machinist as options to break without direct combat. Using the mono colour gives us consistency.



Mono lightning is a meta defining deck in my opinion. It’s on-play effect upset the entire meta and dominated the first big tournament in Japan. Responses to it popped up with fire or ice mostly – both colors have some answers to the disgusting on play mechanics you are up against. Still I don’t see any deck with better than maybe 40% loss rate against this type of deck. Unless lucky, you simply couldn’t play Cecil, Minwu or whatever your counter was before being swarmed and stuck in the tempo set by the lightning player.


Mono fire is a powerful deck that have a lot of on-play effects. Rosso, Xande & Rubicanthe being safe from on play effects/burns and all played forwards beefed up a bit by Lebreau which helps us living. The 2-cost manekin actually playing a huge role in the deck – a 2-cost 8k character usually that really gives us efficiency and it will usually require 2 burns to deal with it. Still gaining a bit of consistency means it can be in top deck mode without losing much on it – all cards drawn can usually be played anyway. This is a huge deal in a tempo based format like this is!



The Golbez deck is a clear rogue in the format. It’s ability to play ANYTHING can be really hard to play against. In top deck mode or when facing discard I’d imagine the deck might have a card time but Golbez is fantastic in the format and in the worst case scenario – even if hiding behind Minwu you face a board wipe per turn. Loopable with Golbez+Barbariccia+Dancer/summoner. Scary prospect indeed! A friend of mine “Silas” cleared his first turn with his take on this deck.

Hoping to see <Standard Unit> decks, opus 1 Golbez & lovely anti-meta ideas on how to bring down those 3 top mono decks from their meta position.


Tournament made possible by 




These two sponsors helped us create this tournament and started the prizepool. They are the first among many to help Lucas create this tournament and what might be a precedent to a more professional and a larger community. Really try to show your appreciation to these sponsors if you like FFTCG like we do. They are what will make this game work in the end!




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