Puzzle #3 – by Arti

Hey guys, Arti here again! It’s time for another puzzle!

One lucky winner, selected at random out of the correct/best answers, will be sent a gift of legendary or promo card of Ghostie’s choice, care of Makoreactor.net

To enter all you have to do is email your answer to fftcgpuzzles@hotmail.com with the subject line of “Puzzle 3 Answer”, by 5 PM (GMT+0) Monday, April 24th.


This week – the goal is to break all of your opponent’s forwards during this turn.

It’s been a tough game – it’s closing in on the end of the game with your opponent in the lead. All forwards on the field have been there for at least a full turn rotation. You’ve just checked your opponent’s hand with Cid Pollendina near the end of your opponent’s last turn. You’ve just drawn your 2 cards and activated your cards. You are at 6 damage. ¬†You absolutely must break all of your opponent’s forwards this turn. If you don’t – Zemus will end the game in your opponent’s favour during their next turn.


This puzzle is created by Arti and the prizes are sponsored by Ghostie of Makoreactor.net. I hope you enjoy it – our goal is to make people think hard and develop their skills as a player with crazy strategies and tactics.


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