Mono Earth

April 21, 2017 Ghostie 0

Mono Earth is one of the strongest decks going into the Opus 2 format and played really well during the first few weeks of Opus II.  While few of the cards really require it to be […]


Mono Fire

April 8, 2017 Ghostie 3

  This deck scored 2nd in Japan in a huge tournament of over 80 players! Edit: Recently this type of deck have scored top places in all tournaments in Japan! \o/ 2nd place out of […]


Mono Lightning (Tempo/control)

April 7, 2017 Ghostie 2

A deck out of japan that won a huge opus II event!   Out of 83 decks. Why did this top? What separated this deck from so many other decks? It included a lot of new crazy mechanics […]


Supercell (Li/Ice)

April 4, 2017 Ghostie 7

A storm of hail and lightning   Well fitting for the deck, a supercell is not only wreathed in lightning but might also be a storm of hail! It aims to destroying anything it it’s path. Certainly […]


Forestfire! (Fi/Wi)

April 3, 2017 Ghostie 8

  This deck is the typical wind and fire deck. Using the aggressive and burning fire element with the evasive and unblockable wind element. Opus 2 have added a lot of spice to an already […]


The Mudkip! (Wa/Ea)

April 1, 2017 Ghostie 4

Named after a water typed Pokemon that slowly grows into an ground/water type. So deep! Perfect for a midrange deck of immense power and the very same elements!   This deck is based on the […]


Deck Profile: Aggrobez

February 10, 2017 Ghostie 0

This is but one way to make Gol(d)bez work. One that does not entirely rely on Golbez, instead it relies on aggression. While hardly a foolproof strategy – it’s a really fun deck that is […]


Gilgamesh – Control/~tempo

November 17, 2016 Ghostie 2

If the Supercell is a more control/midrange deck – this deck aims for Gilgamesh goodness. It allows for a bit more of a control/tempo playstyle.. As we are on the offensive, we’ll drop a bit […]


FFX Yuna X Tidus

November 16, 2016 Ghostie 0

  Now for one of the more common decks in existance – the Water/Wind deck. A continuation on the FFX starter. Water is of the few color combinations where wind really shines, though not that much by […]

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