Mono Earth

April 21, 2017 Ghostie 0

Mono Earth is one of the strongest decks going into the Opus 2 format and played really well during the first few weeks of Opus II.  While few of the cards really require it to be […]


The Mudkip! (Wa/Ea)

April 1, 2017 Ghostie 4

Named after a water typed Pokemon that slowly grows into an ground/water type. So deep! Perfect for a midrange deck of immense power and the very same elements!   This deck is based on the […]


Cloudchaser (Fi/Ea)

November 5, 2016 Ghostie 0

   Chasing them Clouds is what we do! A fire and earth deck – based around Cloud as he is the strongest single card with 2 great specials and a total of up to 9 […]