Deck Profile: Aggrobez

This is but one way to make Gol(d)bez work. One that does not entirely rely on Golbez, instead it relies on aggression.

While hardly a foolproof strategy – it’s a really fun deck that is hyper agressive and quite all in but still working mathematically. It revolves around the fact that the opponent will draw into few forwards, and very few that effectively deal with multiple small ones. We have great ways of destroying or removing any big threat that would somehow appear and usually are able to deal 2-4 damage during our first 1-2 game turns. Despite them playing like 1 blocker on their first turn and a second or third on the coming turn.

I call this deck Aggrobez as it’s much more of a first turn attacker or refer to Golbez in general as Gol(d)bez. Golbez is golden <3


Forwards: 43

# Name
3 Golbez
3 Gilgamesh C
3 Gilgamesh R
2 Gilgamesh S
3 Lightning R
3 Cait Sith C
3 Warior of Light
3 Tifa
3 Onion Knight
2 Rygdea
3 Zidane
2 Mime
3 Cloud of Darkness
2 Cait Sith R
3 Gadot
2 Cloud C

Now this is a right mess. Well aware. It’s supposed to be like that as this is just Golbez toolbox, the sheer ammount of extra forwards still makes color relatively consistent as long as you’ve a main color or two and splashes remain very small. A lot of it is optional and this Golbez variant is still able to tech towards earth and water without being punished much for it.

We picked red for this particular Golbez deck as we are going with Tifa and Warrior of Light regardless, letting us go with Red Mage too. Then we might aswell go with Gadot and a few for the amazing agressive 2cost rush.

The main color will be lightning:

  • Gilgamesh really perform and a near more than 80% hitrate on strongest sword sure makes his sword the strongest around. Brave forward and no cost on the ability.. Sure comes in handy! And lots of Gilgamesh fodder for it.
  • Lightning R and Cait Sith (C) present win conditions by themselves and are like summons of this deck! While being forwards too. Dealing a damage or two on the first turn is realistic, and another 2-3 on the 2nd turn is far from unlikely when playing with 3x Cait Sith and 3x Lightning R.
  • Cait Sith (R) presents an interesting choice. While the 1cost backup removal is near useless atm, it’s free. The possibility of burning all small characters off the table is where the money is at. Really a great ability to be honest. Look at your opponent’s cards. If they run Minwu and only 8k+ forwards just discard it for CP, but very frequently it helps out to punch through the wall of weenies they’ll likely present as blockers if they have. This is incredible in the mirror match too! ^^
  • Golbez ofc. Do not play Golbez to field against water decks early. And definately not as a first turn drop. If they have a Yuna or Leviathan they’ll just use that and you are back at square 1. But without cards! Go for the other cards. Shiva and Jihl can present similar options so it might be wise to forego Golbez quite frequently to have the best chance at winning.

Best off color forwards or tech atm is:

  • Earth for Monk (6k), Gippal x2-3 (boosts weenies to monsters), Delita x3 (trigger golbez for cheap). Possibly hecatoncheir x2 (counter to Yuna H for example). Earth becomes a pretty major color and would unfortunately have to replace a lot of the fire cards which is a problem. I rely a lot on red mage to deal high damage in the mid and late game despite big drops appearing.
  • Water for Cloud of Darkness to reduce defenders to ashes and triggering Golbez for the wombo combo. I think Cloud of Darkness is absolutely amazing and can easily be reched by adding 3 Cloud of Darkness and an extra gordon or Mime – and still being consistent.
  • Either pick one, both or none of the extra elements. Each extra out of element character adds to the mess and inconsistency but adds maximum potential and Golbez synergies.

Best Golbez targets (2cost):

  • Zidane. Absolute must have.
  • Monk/Barret: 6k.
  • Serafie: 6k, EX burst & if you pick earth it makes sense to pick
  • Rygdea: One of the worst, but atleast it’s in color in this deck so it’s fine! I just picked the one as it’s not that great normally, though sometimes it does perform and that’s nice. Use then strongest sword for an extra dull.
  • Gordon: A solid defensive choice.. But I don’t do defensive plays. I usually tech 1 for color-fixing if I go for the water element splash! Great to be able to toolbox one.
  • Mime: Best one ever. Attack and get cards! Mime is just so, so, so good <3
  • Warrior of Light: Might just be the best of all the 2 cost characters. If your opponent is good and play some 4 costs characters that walls you off, Warrior of Light just strikes through that wall and you come out ahead! A wonderful card <3
  • Cloud (C): One of the strongest, usually 7k.
  • Tifa: Haste. That’s all there is to it! 10/10 nailed it. Always bring a few.
  • Onion Knight: Haste and 1k bigger than tifa. Can be played with all colors. Always bring 2 minimum.
  • Red XIII: 5k first strike.. pretty okay but there are better in red usually. Great defensive choice if there’s a lot of aggro around.

Assemble your favorite toolbox, or pick my aggro Golbez deck skeleton.


Backups: 7

# Name
3 Black Mage
3 Red mage
1 Cosmos

While many Golbez decks don’t play backups – Red Mage (Fi) may be the best thing that’s ever happened and Black Mage (Li) basically means their expensive characters will not be able to block your 2costs. That’s amazing! Makes most of your characters into Warriors of Light kind of! ^^

Cosmos is handy, being able to give us our rainbox cards. Picked mostly for Cloud of Darkness and Zidane who are both legit drops without Golbez.



Nope. Summons are not very important in this kind of deck. Each summon, while giving you a tool, screws up a little bit of your Gilgamesh strongest sword and consistency in early aggro. We want 2-3 really early forwards. A few honorable mentions include:

  • Odin 4-cost counters most common drops that can be hard to deal with.
  • Ex bursts like odin are not so special for the deck because of reverse synergy with keeping agression so high that opponent’s rarely start attacking.




  • Start hand: Really, any hand is usually fine. But a Golbez is often good, else just a few 2cost forwards and not being color-locked is more than enough for a solid start. Ideally you start with haste forwards like Tifa and Onion Knight for free damage.
  • Early Game: All about dealing damage. Use the fact that it’ll take many turns for their investment to be returned and the fact that the opponent will only draw into 0.8ish forwards per turn on the average list (21-23 forwards is a normal control or midrange deck in Europe.
  • There are several win conditions. If the opponent stabilizes, best shot at winning is using Cloud of Darkness or similar to pop a golbez and remove most defenders.
  • Final Turn: Red Mage, Cloud of Darkness, Golbez suiciding, deliting the Golbez, burn+black mage, Lightning R, Strongest Sword, Red Mage, Cait Sith or so many of the other cards are made to make a final turn kind of play where you run past or break 1, 2 or 3 defenders making this deck a sheer terror. When they are at 3-5 damage they will just stop attacking usually and be forced to defend making our job easier, patiently waiting for the win condition to settle.


This video is a testsample where I tried the audio and video editing and equipment. The games are a bit odd but shows the Golbez deck anyway. While I did not get all the cards I wanted, the games ended very quickly because I met an expensive deck that needs a lot of backups to not deplete resources by playing 4-6 cost characters.

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