Cloudchaser (Fi/Ea)


 Chasing them Clouds is what we do!

A fire and earth deck – based around Cloud as he is the strongest single card with 2 great specials and a total of up to 9 Clouds.




The main cards of the deck. First strike, burn, Cloud, Kimahri & Prische/Garland power! Pure strength and some nasty tech to make it work. A great deck so far that have playtested really well across ~15+ games. Tweaked bit back and forth because of local meta picks but overall I play like listed below as a skeleton and adapt a bit here and there.



24  Total
1  Prische
1  Garland
2  Firion
3  Cloud S
3  Cloud L
2  Cloud C
3  Delita R
2  Lann
2  Guy
3  Cecil H
2  Red XIII

25 is a respectable ammount of forwards. Keeping it fairly high as the deck relies heavily on drawing into forwards you cannot go much lower than 24 or 23. I prefer around 25 unless you have built in draw mechanics like Water supplies!

Cecil is great against aggro decks or just in general. It can also attack and still be a threat with it’s burn. Any onion knight, Snow, Red XIII or Tifa often dies a swift death or just won’t attack at all. I’ve had people toss Odin after this guy. Think about it. 6 damage is 30k burn they have to eat to kill me. That and Ex is a lot of punishment for attacking. And with Golem, Cecil breaks most 5-6 costs on attack/defense.

Lots of Clouds here – and they are easy to use. Both the starter Cloud and the Light Cloud have great specials that easily reaps the benefit of drawing into the duplicates.

Garland/Prische are nearly must-plays from their respective colors. But they are expensive and thus hardly 3-of plays.

Delita allows you to use Jessie multiple times so he’s mandatory for this type of deck that revolves around finding a dupe of Cloud per turn. Worth their weight in gold for a low cost. Lann supplies great attacks that are hard to play well against as an opponent. Not allowing larger cards to block him really makes him great

First Strike on Red XIII & Vincent is something I truly love when you have a couple of burn abilities or things like Golem for sick outplays/pressure. It’s hard to attack or defend when you know burn+first strike is over 9k damage. Definately worth considering Vincent for some agressive play. Not very good on defending though.

Lann is just really useful overall. he can often cheat in a damage or two late game. He is in no way vital for this deck but is another good card option often worth contemplating when playing red.


Best alternatives:

Prische, Garland, Cecil & Lann could all/some be dropped for Tifa (both) though if you really dislike them or if you face a lot of Ice decks. Squall & Terra really are hard countered by water kick! Works really well. I prefer having the different characters though.

Kimahri is actually amazing. Definately a nice option if you want to enjoy the games. There’s nothing quite like using 2 omnislashes in a turn, or using a thunderblitz in a deck without water. Think of it like a control card. People will want to kill Kimahri aswell as Cloud so now atleast we have 2 threats. They can’t omnislash nor Odin all threats – so they’ll settle for a few of them, leaving either Kimahri or Cloud up usually.


17  Total
2  Mustadio
3  Red Mage
3  Jessie
1  Cosmos
3  Geomancer
3  Magus
2  Monk

Red Mage is ace for 2 cost. Leaving a single defender just isn’t an alternative for our opponent and single great blocking champions like Rikku (10-11k) or Prische (12k) just gets passed by by our attackers. Great for a final turn aswell – late game when opponents are scared of losing. With Waterkick we can pass by atleast 2 opponents, with a burn maybe 3! 😀

Geomancers means your attackers can still defend. Also helps against freeze as they just don’t tap to attack. Great to have for nearly 0 extra cost.

Magus & Cloud means 7k omniburn. Both also kills Zidane and Snow.

Jessie is incredible. Keep in mind it can search other things than Cloud if clogged! Effectively 1 cost. Delite with Delita for profit and replay!

Mustadio is a great card and it’s an Ex. Absolutely top tier drop. Destroying something and giving a backup for 2 cost is just great.


9  Total
3  Golem
3  Hecatoncheir
3  Brynhildur

Titan is good for protecting against an Odin. It’s not vital but useful when playing a win condition like Cloud. Every titan counters an Odin! ^^

Hecatonkers is great. Made for destroying Minwu & Lulu – aswell as similar great backups like Maria.




  • Minwu: Save a Hecatoncheir if they run blue. Do not let them set up behind Yaag & Cecil if you can stop it. Prische & Garland still works out reasonably well but it’s a tough match
  • Freeze: Brave really helps out against some of the freeze – and while we play no untap a few different options really help. Save a Magus for Snow if at all possible since you know it’s coming. Play Tifa if you play a lot of Terras in your Meta.
  • Bounce: Well Cloud is going to get it and often suffers every summon in the game thrown his way. Play around it. Get rid of excess duplicates, threaten with other cards like Firion, Garland, Prische as they’ll have to target those too. Use the mana in another way. Getting Cloud bounced to hand sets the combo back for another turn or two which can mean clogging. All the same.. it’s usually not too bad as the card does not die.
  • Break: We can’t do much about Cloud being broken by Odins and similar. Just try to start out with playing Firion and some other great threats to spread their focus. If they don’t care as much about the field as they do about throwing an Odin per turn on Cloud we could still win. Rather presenting the threats and forcing answers than relying on drawing into answers.

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