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Now for one of the more common decks in existance – the Water/Wind deck. A continuation on the FFX starter. Water is of the few color combinations where wind really shines, though not that much by itself here – more so due to the fact that water offer such great synergy wind! It’s not that Wind is a bad element but more due to the fact that so many cards are either synergized to specifically mill-decks (relatively weak atm) or FFX decks that building other decks from the small cardpool is reasonably hard with wind – but there are a few solid options.

While currently working on two other types of decks including wind – here is a solid one on a good medium cost curve filled with a super resilient cards protected by Minwu, Aerith, Wakka, Cecil and sporting a good offensive power with Tidus (L) and Rikku as a base for the offensive.




22  Total
3  Tidus (L)
3  Tidus (S)
1  Cecil
3  Wakka
3  Rikku (S)
3  Paine
3  Yuna (S)
3  Zidane

The choice of forwads was way difficult and there is no right or wrong here really. With a few alternatives.

Wakka is an absolute baller (pun intended). It has the ability to turn your opponent into a frog or polymorph or whatever you’d call it. Can be done during your opponents turn to stop a Tidus (L) or any other really frustrating attacker. Or as an attacker it can be used on eventual defenders. It can stop on break effects or anything really. Remove all their powers & abilities then block and destroy it. It offers incredible opportunities. I prefer to play three – but if you don’t, running one isn’t a crime. Run an extra Cecil and a Moogle if you hate Wakka.

I chose to play Yuna (S) over the 2cost Yuna backup. This is because I chose to build around the synergy to Tidus (S) and a bunch of summons. I’ve felt that it provide me with a great benefit even though I run the risk of losing my Yuna. Eventually mid or late game I’ll play the 5cost Yuna backup to deal with their biggest threat but until then I’ll play and use Yuna for her effect. Even if they use a burn to kill it I can usually profit from it.

I chose 6 Tidus. The goal is to play the Tidus (S) early and save Tidus (L) for later. The Tidus (S) is an amazing card to have early <3

Zidane is a beast that sometimes win the games for me. In the average game I play it deals ~2-3 damage across the whole games. Though in matchups against low cost curved decks it really underperforms. Then again – it costs 2 so the investment is really low. Zidane is just rarely a bad card to play. Especially in the lategame when the small chuds die from blocking to save your opponent and when in topdeck mode you rarely want to toss the 2-3 cost on field when you can play a 4-6 cost.. Bless you, Zidane!

Rikku/Paine are the cards I consider dropping because of the risk of a 2-for one that I often die due to. I attack or defend with Rikku. They toss Odin/Brynhildur or similar at Paine and both go down in a painfully efficient and simple play from my opponent. As they are cheap to play and synergizes with the Yunas I already play it’s not so bad – but in the future I see myself running other cards. I pray for some more great Vaan (wind) synergy for some sick plays. In 1-2 sets I’m totally going with a Vaan play instead to stop this necessity of first finding all the pieces then keeping all the pieces intact. It’s poor for tournaments. You can win the swiss if you lose every time the stars doesn’t align. So let’s not rely on these cards! All the same – for now they offer synergy so I’ve decided that they feel best for this FFX deck.

Cecil works as a faithful lightning rod. Really saves Tidus or other cards frequently and makes your combat phase that much more easy to calculate as your character can’t be targeted by most stuff that would be coming it’s way. Cecil just walls it off nicely. It’s just that fitting 2-3 in is difficult. I’ll often play 2 though – it would be in the sideboard if we are allowed them 🙂





17  Total
3  Aerith (R)
1  Aerith (C)
2  Yuna (H)
3  Archer
2  Maria
1  Brother
3  Minwu
2  Scholar

17 is a decent number for a deck that planned on having a few backups die (Archer and scholar always die somehow) and some used for (S) abilities – like Aerith. Some backups that breaks for effects should always be used so that not only the 5 first backups are useful. Delita/Lulu are good alternatives otherwise, as they make sure your backups have value

Aerith is my MVP here saving Tidus or other cards from certain doom. A lovely card that really stops just about whatever my opponent has schemed bar field wipes. Never play the 2 cost Aerith. Mulligan if she’s your only backup. It’s just for the special

Yuna (H) have done crazy things. Lifting Prisches/Aurons/Clouds or whatever else you fancy is a great way to remove their edge before attacking. Bouncing their best defender and getting a backup for 5 cost is very good. And oh, yeah.. it is an EX ofcourse. I love it! She’s yet another reason I don’t play the Yuna 2-cost backup. I’d not be able to field this. Having 5 Yuna backrows in a deck that’d need to archer her to make place just does not make any sense. IF you want to use 5cost Yuna – go with the forward Yuna instead of the 2cost backup! Really important. Or skip the other Yuna’s altogether.

Winwu is a key to the bulk of this deck. It’s amazing for the midgame and lategame in particular. Being neigh-invulnerable to burns and not being able to take damage means that if your card is 1-up on the opponents best attackers – it can defend all of their attacks while taking zero damage. That is broken. Now Winwu really performs against most decks and “break” and bounce effects really work well against it. Either that or the opponent has to be bigger. It completely removes Onion Knight (Li) and Black Magus (Li) as threats aswell as there does not exist damaged cards. For 3 cost this crazy super card is just beyond valuable. Consider running 2 of Yaag Rosch if you can find space for it. I can’t, but it would save Minwu from atleast an Archer or two. I replay another Minwu WHEN the first one dies for now.

Shuyin is one of my favorites so he’s my honorable mention here. Ex and great effect. Paves the way for my zidane attack aswell. For the next set I might drop some of the FFX for proper effects like Shuyin/vaan/etc! 🙂

Yaag Rosch is a great option. Pick it when you feel your meta shifts to destroy backups. 1-2 Yaag is always handy at that point but atm I rather replay 🙂




11  Total
3  Sylph
3  Faerie
3  Leviathan
2  Moogle

For the summons of the deck the plan was to go a bit over the top. 11-12 is perfectly reasonable and could even be higher. Preferably I want a summon per turn when Yuna (2cost) is up for profit.

Faerie and Sylph have been absolute heroes in just about every game I play. Faerie has a ridiculous synergy with Yuna as it resolves Faerie cast -> Yuna activate -> Faerie activate. With Tidus up all of this can be used as a response to Yuna being burned for a whopping 4 card draws! Overall Yuna increases the value of both Faerie and Sylph and they guarantee that even if opponents have dull/freeze you can still play. Great for Tidus (L) against ice decks as he’ll eat a freeze per turn on a rainy day. It’s a great counter to Snow aswell as you just untap and defend to kill Snow. These types of reactive spells are incredibly hard to play around as an opponent.

Cheap spells + Yuna really perform <3

Only 2 moogles was a tough call. I could easily fit in another but I feel I rarely have to throw away cards in this deck. Only cards that ocasionally clog my hand up is Rikku/paine but as they are often target because of their great synergy it’s not that bad.

Valefor (2) is a great card and it’s definately worth considering if burn is something you’d like. It wipes Zidane, Yuffie, Viking and Snow off the board. I’d play it over Faerie or Sylph if I had to but I’ve had too much fun with those 2.

Area removal with Valefor (5) was not picked today. While I have great on play effects I chose to drop Valefor (5) because of space. I play a combo deck that relies on getting multiples of FFX or just forwards out to get to full power. While I can play around area removal I feel that the need for it is rarely that high.

No Alexander today. It’s definately worth considering if your opponents plays lots and lots of 5costs. What I generally do is when their 5-6 cost attacks I raise a rikku to 11k defends and usually end up winning the trade. Either that or bounce them with Leviathan or Yuna (5). The deck usually works fine without Alexander but sometimes it would come in handy! A matter a preference and I chose low cost curve on summons because I want to spam them.


Cost curve:

  • The choice of cost curve for this deck was to be pretty low which is advantageous in my experience. 4 cost is the best high number. Both water and Wind offers so many characters at cost 3 or 4 which both costs a card and a backup or two. Perfect for turn 2-4 plays.
  • Skipped a few 1-2 cost cards like Yuffie (1cost) and viking (2cost) to keep the cost curve at a middle-ground. You want every card to have weight in the mid and late game. This is also because my meta includes a lot of 1-5k burns where they easily profit from killing the card. Magus (Li), Cid Raines (Ice) and several other cards with small burns are in abundance in my meta so I feel I have a card time profiting from the small bodies
  • The cost curve at 3-4 as a goal is also good as it often trades upwards for cheap – a 3cost card often defeats a 5 or 6 cost card. Either by itself with a combo/synergy or with a summon. Also reduces the value of opponent 7-cost odins and Alexander is a bit pointless in general.

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