Forestfire! (Fi/Wi)


This deck is the typical wind and fire deck. Using the aggressive and burning fire element with the evasive and unblockable wind element. Opus 2 have added a lot of spice to an already good matchup. We also get two solid win conditions in the new wind summon (1cost) and Bahamut without comitting too much deck size. The idea is to not go overboard with the unblockable theme – you are supposed to survive despite running a few weaker unblockable characters.

Note that this is but a deck skeleton that you can change at your leisure and your meta may vary so always adjust! 🙂


Main mechanics

  • Aerith. Nuff said.
  • Lots of ways to destroy the small characters.
  • Ignore big defenders, just swing away.
  • Bahamut & Shemhazai as win conditions.



24 Forwards
3 Emperor Xande
 2 Zack
2 Tifa (L)
3 Tifa (S)
3 Yuffie (R)
1 Yuffie (C)
 2 Cloud (C)
2 Vaan C
2 Edge C
2 Warrior of Light
2 Zidane

The strategy being to have many medium to low cost attackers. Some okay on play effects, some FFVII synergy.

Zidane is just an overall crazy card. There is a reason this card is one of the most expensive cards in Japan. It’ll sometimes cause situations where the opponent just cannot respond and scoops. The delicious synergy in this deck is that it’s the cards that can block Zidane that are cheap to remove! I play Zidane preferably during one of the first few turns as on-play effects generally can’t target it making it a great start. But it’s in the late game where Zidane really puts in the work.

Xande is a great card. 5k burn on attack and if he’d break – you still get his cost in value from the on-break 9k burn. Fantastic card truly. We run a few extra fire to compensate for his “fire CP only” on paying for playing him to field. This is a tier 1 card in my books. Keep in mind that running into a Yuna (H) is a terrible fate.

Yuffie gives us cheap breaks. Removing small characters to let us swing for damage. Pushed to 7k to be Al-Cid proof atleast, and he tap effect can be used to stop Rydias etc from dealing damage. Very useful! Any dupe drawn is a very cheap 6k burn. Keep in mind that we can spread the love with this card too.

Vaan & Edge synergize with Zemus. Give them Zemus effect and just swing away. They’ll be targeted hard – but a 2cost like Edge that FORCES the opponent to act is a great thing to have. It might also mean that Yuffie or Tifa lives perhaps. And btw, Vaan is free2play so it’s a very safe play! With maria they survive a Cyclops, Magus or Valefor 3k AOE aswell.

Cloud (C) makes a lot of sense with Selphie, lots of FFVII forwards and a bit of burn is never a bad thing. A solid play overall.



17 Backup
3 Red Mage (Fi)
2 Archer
2 Selphie
2 Maria
2 Sage (2cost fire)
3 Aerith (3)
1 Aerith (1)
2 Zemus

Backups are where green really shines! It’s one of the strongest supporting elements in all of Final Fantasy but this deck is focusing a lot on fire so we’ll run a few extra of fire.

Aerith is a god tier goddess. Free2Play. Anti-Everything. Heading straight for value-land right there. There is absolutely no reason to ever run less than 4 Aerith in any wind deck. I’m still arguing with myself for that 6th Aerith.

Zangan makes Tifa that much more deadly, the 4cost now also having haste and if it’s Ex triggers we can immediately waterkick for a single fire cp and that Tifa we just searched! definately a favorite. Zangan being Ex aswell as a pseudo-2cost & handfix just makes him that good!

Zemus is top tier and have great synergy with Vaan (C) and Edge (C). Considered running 3 just because we can. It is legit with Bahamut Fury as an exhaust and it’s likely to be broken once or twice..




9 Summons
2 Belias
3 Bahamut Fury
2 Bahamut
2 Shemhazai, The Whisperer

Shemhazai the whisperer: This summon is our Win(d) Condition™. Your opponent must be same or lower cost to block. That’s fantastic because we easily deal with small cards with this deck.

Bahamut Fury is able to remove cheap blockers from the field. Can discard extra Zemus even if off EX-bursts and just generally solve our problems with small blockers. The 5k is quite handy sometimes, being able to break something for cheap!

Bahamut is there for that game-closing move. We’ve ignored their first strong defender with red mages or similar and kept at it. When their 2nd or third dropped, we just went Bahamut all over the place and started over. Every time they overextend we punish them. If they only play cheap characters? Well we can deal with these for cheap.

Belias is one of the best cards in the entire set. If I could choose 1 of these 4 effects I’d still consider it. But when you get First Strike, Haste, 1k and draw a card for a card and 2 cp you know it’s a winner. Absolutely a ridiculously strong card that everyone should be running.




    • Absolutely, for most of my double-buff decks I run 3/3 split of the +1k power. At first the deck wasn’t at all about the buffers but I just felt they took over more and more and the best cards was the 2-4 costs. Running 3 Marias makes perfect sense, and 3 Lebreau. If you check this post about double-buff archetype specifically it includes 3 Marias in all of them. Those decks thrive on low cost curve and power benefits.

  1. hi, can this deck win mono earth decks ? i mean Emperor opus 2 should be hard for u and, mono earth have also low costs, and rubi can counter all of ur summons

    Did u played vs mono earth decks in opus 2 with this deck ?

    • Hello!

      – Rubicanthe does not counter neither Belias nor Shemhazai.
      – Emperor can be killed and many of the burns still work. Keep in mind that Emperor only stops special and action abilities – not field nor auto abilities.

      This deck can definately win against mono earth. While strong, earth often produce expensive cards which this cards thrives on. If they play a 4-6 cost early it will go down hard. Titan nor vincents ability will stop the burn and power reduction! 😀

      Mono earth isn’t god tier or anything in my opinion. Earth is probably best run with a small wind support – or water/lightning as secondary or primary element atm. Even fire makes sense. Mono-earth, while better in Opus 2 still benefit from a secondary element in my opinion. Do you have a proper mono earth list? Feel free to share, I’ve met a few but from what I’ve felt, they still get more tools from picking a second element! 🙂

  2. Great list. Would there be a good switch for Emperor Xande? I’m not a big fan of him. I’m sure he works well in this deck, but what other options exist for this deck, if I may ask?

    • The 2cost cloud is fine, and the 3cost zack is more than fine. Lann with Maria & Lebreau is not going to be very unblockable – might aswell get the extra power from for example zack and his on-play burn effect imo. A 2cost cloud that can be 9k is a nice play too! But firion is a nice card. It comes down to the cost curve though. I feel that these 2 cards offer great potential.

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