Mono Earth

Mono Earth is one of the strongest decks going into the Opus 2 format and played really well during the first few weeks of Opus II.  While few of the cards really require it to be mono – Rydia & Gabranth gives us some extreme max potential.

If you like mono earth you should definately experiment with some Water splash for great tools, or lightning for what Earth is lacking in forms of removal. Green for some efficient Aerith plays without losing the 1k global buff is nice aswell. But keeping it mostly earth is recommended in this set in my opinion! Earth is a great main element <3


So why do we run Mono Earth?

  • Mono-colour consistency. We simply don’t draw dead cards much. First turns are much more steady.
  • Rydia & Gabranth gives great in-colour synergy
  • Vincent & Raubahn finally deliver to Earth what removal it lacked in last Opus set.
  • Gabranth & Fusoya giving us an extra win condition of extreme power & all earth forwards gaining Brave.
  • Good matchup against fire & lightning with power distribution & titan/golem for neat tricks to stop combo moves.
  • Board wipes with Shantotto are always threatening our opponent and punishing overextension/rush to some extent.

3 Variations because of light/dark

  • Fusoya (light) with Earth Cecil, a few Dark Knights, 3x Gabranth
  • Emperor for extra control for the mirror match and
  • Warrior of Light, Ingus & 3x 2cost opus 1 forward Monks.



23 Total
2 Gabranth (Opus 2)
3 Vincent L
1 Vincent PR
3 Prische
2 Cecil (Earth)
2 Gippal
3 Rydia
1 Guy
1 Delita (3cost)
2 Yang (2cost)
2 Serafie
1 Scarmiglione
  • This deck is a lot about Vincent so we want a lot of them. 4 & 2 serafie are usually enough but you can add a 5th if you want to.
  • Prische is a meta call. I don’t much like it atm, but it’s one of the best cards for defense right now and there are situations where the opponent simply won’t be able to deal with your Prische.
  • Rydia is fantastic. While we don’t exactly need 3, I prefer getting it early and just saying to my opponent that there will be no <8k drops this game.
  • Cecil works fantastically well alongside Rydia & Fusoya for some brutal plays. Great anti-aggro and a 3nd turn play for discarding a single card and tapping a backup. 8k with Enna Cross is also relatively relevant.
  • Guy is good in this format and if you meet more ice than I do – definately go for 2 Guy in your deck. I rely on Serafie if I need to loop it. Mostly playing it against Ice though as lightning often deal with 4 cost characters while profiting on it.
  • Yang is a fantastic card. Both really – but we’re in desperate need of lower cost cards atm so we’ll have to stick with the Yang. He’ll always be atleast 7 and usually 8. 8k brave 2-cost is fine. Why 3? Well, we can afford throwing it away and throwing it into dangerous situations without losing an invaluable or expensive part of the deck. It’ll die eventually and it’s the preferred first drop next to Cecil after a few backups initially.
  • Scarmiglione is a great combat trick and will often do great. But in the end he’s just a cheap forward we get to play around with. With Enna Kros, Kefka or Golem the powerlevel can still be relevant or stop a damage for a card and 2 cp. Worth it.
  • Serafie/Gippal are part of the required Earth/Package leading straight to top tier. Both pushes you closer to victory and are win-conditions. I can’t see myself dropping these for a long time.
  • Ingus is an amazing card but right now I left him out in favor of more interesting cards. When I run with water I use him as I can also play geomancers, astrologians or scholars to the field too! 🙂



19 Backup
2 Shantotto
1 Mustadio
3 Raubahn
1 Fusoya
3 Monk (op2)
2 Monk (op1)
3 Enna Kros
2 Tama
1 Jessie
1 Kefka

Right now it’s really good to have 18-19 backups so you always have 2-3 during your first few turns and are never forced to play an expensive forward first. In the last set, I considered the reverse to be the meta – where you were required to get a cheap forward out early to stop aggro or tempo plays quickly, but right now the backups are what wins the early game for me.

  • Shantotto is near mandatory in this format – the possiblity of clearing the board is too good to pass upon.
  • Raubahn is one of the few ways to remove emperor, other vincents etc so it’s of vital importance. As Earth nearly always have an 8k+ character on board it’s a great EX effect aswell 2+ required.
  • Mustadio is there to help against frustrating cards aswell as being a decent ex burst. A fine play but nothing required. Again Emperor is about our biggest weakness – so we need ways to help removing them! While this is a long shot, it might just work. Any most broken cards leads to an extremely efficient Mustadio play (anything above 3 cost really).
  • Enna Kros is a must for the mono earth deck. While 3 aren’t required – I always want to have one for my 2nd-3rd turn. If my first drop have 1k more hp – all the better. 1k really matters and every single drop you will play for the rest of the game grows more efficient. The 1k boosters are what this format is about.
  • Fusoya is the best option but Zemus works too – I prefer Zemus+Cecil over Zemus though as it often sweeps the floor with my opponent if they can’t somehow survive it.
  • Monks are here for Yang and also for pressure. The opponent knowing that I could lose a backup and a cp/card to win combat really is a powerful thing. Kefka is for a similar purpose. I won’t ever run an earth deck without kefka and I can see myself running a bit lower cost curve and 2 of Kefka.



8 Total
3 Titan
3 Golem
2 Hecatoncheir

In this format you are struggling to keep a field. Your first forward will have to be able to survive Al-Cid rygdea/onion knight – or not be too much of a loss. So if we are forced to play a Vincent on our 2nd or 3rd turn because we are at 5 cards and don’t have any backups – we can do it and still survive the wombo-combo with a Titan or Golem sometimes. It can really be a huge play and right now both Golem and Titan win a lot of games for me.

Hecatoncheir is vital for the format. Zemus, Devout, Tella, Lulu (H), 1k boost backups and similar everywhere. It’s absolutely required in all earth decks and part of what makes earth unique. A fantastic card imo.

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