Mono Lightning (Tempo/control)

A deck out of japan that won a huge opus II event!



Out of 83 decks. Why did this top? What separated this deck from so many other decks?

  • It included a lot of new crazy mechanics that people were not much used to. But there is much more to it than that.
  • Huge on play effects – getting some value out of the play regardless if it’s broken later or not. Some immediate effect regardless of what happens to the character later
  • Burn with great coverage, with burns reaching targets up to 8 or 9k+
  • Minwu countered with clean breaks or Cyclops/Back Mage
  • Punishing early forward commitment
  • Easily punishing aggro with on-play
  • Instead of only summons – this deck produce a lot of summon-like effects by playing forwards or backups. A mechanic I think will only keep growing as these deal player damage or generate resources while summons generally don’t.
  • Few dupes of unique backups, really cheap backup line-up.


Mono Lightning



25 Total
3 Edea
3 Amon
3 Gilgamesh (C)
2 Ramza (4)
3 Al Cid
3 Onion Knight (1-125R)
2 Rygdea
2 Seifer
3 Kain (H)
1 Zalbaag

As expected we are seeing a large amount of forwards. For 2 reasons. Firstly they deal the player damage and block for us – and secondly Gilgamesh Strongest Sword. Tweaking the odds ever so slightly in our favor. We always need to see plenty of forwards.

  • Seifer was broughthere mostly because of Edea. The 2cost break was rarely used and with only 2 it’s a very low chance. Still it might frighten the opponent. His (S) isn’t so bad considering the amount of top tier 2-cost cards. Playable with Al-Cid being a clear plus.
  • Kain is a little bit wonky – and definitely one of the easier to replace. A single burn or break summon or ability in response to his activation and he’s off the board.. But. If he’s not countered – he’ll defend like a champ or hit like a truck and be basically immortal. Playable with Al-Cid being a clear plus.
  • Zalbaag have been a champion during play testing. I wouldn’t mind having 2 – but it’s difficult to fit in a there are a couple of decks with only a few Zalbaag targets so it’s not a big problem only having one. Playable with Al-Cid being a clear plus! I’ve done board wipes with this and Al-Cid.
  • Gilgamesh: An extra Gilgamesh or two would not be a problem at all. I absolutely love Gilgamesh and it’s a great play.
  • Ramza is fantastic to see and you’ll see great synergy with the cheap backup line-up as well. It’s easy and fast to power up our Ramzas.
  • Rygdea is an obvious choice and the synergy with Al-Cid is immense.  A must play in any Al-Cid deck. Helping Al-Cid finishing off a card and getting a dull for tempo swings at the opponent.


17 Total
3 Red Mage (1-121C)
3 Black Mage (Opus II)
2 Summoner (1Cost)
2 Lulu (3cost)
1 Magus
3 Ninja (2-115C)
1 Seymour
1 Fusoya (Light)
1 Duke Goltanna

A huge focus on a low cost curve here. Very cheap backup line-up – not too much of the fun and expensive stuff. A clear focus on getting 3-4 out and fast to power up Edea – but also Ramza.

Black Mage, Seymour & Magus are here to break a forward while getting resources out of it. It’s absolutely fantastic play and every time you defeat something with these cards you feel real good inside. A resource and a great ability in one card.

Duke Goltanna & Summoner (1cost) as ~1cost backups, really having some cheap backups to play as it’s of incredible importance to get Edea going early. And that requires ~4 backups in my opinion. Quickly getting there is the only way to get Edea to work well. It’s easy to get Edeas on hand in the Early game and it’s not a card we want to discard! 🙁

Ninja is really a rare card to see but it’s fantastic to be able to pull off a burn without burning any cards. Really neat and it extends the coverage ever so slightly. Ninja can be used to damage things for onion knight or just as a card-less burn each turn. I really like this addition to the deck that most overlook.

Fusoya (Light) being one of the spicier cards in this deck build – totally fine but as a one of it’ll appear occasionally and sometimes rather late. It’s a card only good in the early and mid game. But sometimes it can really push it to the limits. It’s max potential is ridiculous – but way better in an earth deck for Cecil (earth) and self damage synergies like Geomancer/Dark Knights. Still a good card but it can be argued how much this card really did in this deck considering how rarely it must have been available early & mid game.

Possible changes:

  • Sage is one the the exclusions I wondered about. A lightning deck’s discard is filled with some of the most powerful effects in the game if pulled out at the right time – thus Sage is a fantastic card. Pull out what you need – when you need it.
  • I absolutely love Seymour and each time I haven’t gotten Seymour I’ve been crying a little bit on the inside. Hence I always run 2 to make sure I can respond to my opponent’s first 3cost with a Seymour for an early advantage.
  • No Zemus. There definitely could be room for a Zemus as this type of on-play shenanigans often come out ahead in the early game but might lose a bit steam later in which case Zemus puts a timer on the opponent to be sure and we can simply swap back to careful control instead of more aggressive tempo plays that comes with more risks. Fusoya (light) is great too, so it’s a matter of preference.



8 Total
3 Odin (7)
3 Cyclops
2 Odin (4)

Cyclops are an absolute must have in all lightning decks for now. It clears any <=3 cost minions off field as well as being a both defensive & offensive summon. Being a great counter to Minwu and Cecil being quite useful too!

Odin (4-cost) at only 2 comes off as bit odd – but there is nothing quite like having Odin (7-cost) Ex burst on your opponent.

Ramuh simply doesn’t make the cut and Adrammelech is a downgraded Brynhildr but at least purple which is a nice colour.

  • Dropping all 3x 7-cost Odin or at least 1 of them isn’t a bad idea. I absolutely love the 4 cost version but both play their parts. 3 parallel shots at each of our 6 damage… a single trigger might win the game. Sure. Why not. But this type of dice-rolling just isn’t my cup of tea.


  1. could you post a link to each card or detailing which cost, rarity and/or set please because they have different versions, example would be onion knight.

    • I can only think of one lightning onion knight, and one lightning ninja backup. So most should be fine! The only light card is marked as light! 🙂

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