The Mudkip! (Wa/Ea)

Named after a water typed Pokemon that slowly grows into an ground/water type. So deep! Perfect for a midrange deck of immense power and the very same elements!



This deck is based on the midrange strategy. So a high cost curve – and ways to get there! In the mid and late game we beat our opponent with drops that are difficult to deal with and with great efficiency! With the addition of Wincent – this deck just became a lot more powerful and the Cecil & Wincent combination is madness itself. Add the power distribution power we have and a lot of cards and abilities are countered really well.

With three variants of this deck based on the light and dark cards Warrior of Light, Emperor & Fusoya – I feel this one is the strongest in all but the Earth mirror.

Deck overview


23  Total
2 Gippal
3 Vincent (L)
2 Vincent (S)
2 Gabranth
2 Cecil (L)
1 Delita (3)
2 Yang
3 Warrior of Light
1 Warrior of Light (R, water)
2 Serafie
3 Ashe

Wincent is an terror to deal with. Many decks have problems with breaking him and must first go through Cecil, Larsa or Minwu to get to him – and even then a Golem or titan might appear. Vincent is terrifying to face and Serafie makes replay super simple. They’ll eventually be hit by the Death Penalty (S) for game.

Gippal is an absolute monster when played at the right moment. If you have not tried gippal – get to it. On a low to medium cost curve he is really broken. On a medium to high cost curve it’s still effective as you do not risk running into things like Terra (H) any more. You often get to situations where swinging is dangerous – with Gippal you ignore this as Cecil or Wincent are free to attack as they’ll be around 12-14k

Serafie recycles the forwards you need. Extra Vincents are key cards for your combination plays. I use it mostly for extra copies for (S) abilities but sometimes you need a specific forward and it’s super easy to get what you need.

Cecil (L) is a fantastic card with the capability of creating an impenetrable defense and stopping that frustrating lightning from being able to use any of their burn shenanigans. Since all lightning decks will Include Al-Cid, Onion Knight and Rygdea. While Cyclops & Black Mage are harder to deal with – we have great tools to keep cecil alive

Delita (3-cost) overall is just an amazing card. Brings great synergy to for example Keffka as any character we’ve turned into a bomb can be Delited in the second main phase for a really cheap Delita. Can be used to replay unique characters or just to make space in backrow. Really a tool to manage your field! It’s nearly mandatory to have a Delita or two to replay unique backups. One thing that makes earth a great element! <3

Warrior of Light is extremely relevant in this format and it can wall off against any 8-9k target or lower aswell as being way harder to burn off table.

Best alternatives:

  • Ingus is the trusted friend of Warrior of Light in this deck. With reduced incoming damage by 2k being extremely relevant. 2 cards that cannot be one-shotted by Xande is extremely relevant. Minwu, Warrior of Light and Cecil L combined with power distribution & Titan makes for very difficult targets. Ingus will color-fix or create extreme value plays. You’ve never felt this way before.
  • Gordon is bit yay and nay at the same time. Sometimes having Gordon out is like having a Time Mage out – blocking a Garland per turn easily. But sometimes he just eats an ifrit/ramuh and vanish. With 2 being the cost this isn’t a big deal.
  • Yuna (2cost forward) is great. I much prefer running the Yuna (5cost) as it counters so many cards. But if there are few Xande, Golbez, Vanille, Fusoya and Emperor (5) then it might be worth it to go to the 2cost forward Yuna.
  • Ultimecia is a great option if you want to run her. The cost curve turns out really high so it’s not always advised. Can be used as a control or tempo play and is generally useful. But  a single char
  • Tidus L: Tidus (L) is an amazing card that should always be considered. A 4cost card that can attack and defend well and have the lovely (S) Blitz Ace to completely turn the game upside down and finish it straight of the bat. If we opponent lack a counter for it – game over.
  • Prische is a lovely card. If you face fewer Gilgamesh, Alexanders, Omnislashes & 7cost odins than I do – play Prische. Prische is a monster that blocks whole enemy teams by itself.
  • Cloud of Darkness is often a great play if you get some economy first. Can play it out like a control start, with high economy and only play a forward after the opponent.
  • Wakka (S): I’m honestly a big fan of Wakka. It gives us amazing possibilities and helps us against anything from Golbez, Emperor and Prische to Warrior of Light or similar. He can distribute power to where it’s needed. Unless Wakka needs the power like he usually does – he can pop up another char to a perfect power level. He usually can make a Yuna/Geomancer hit for 7-8k+ which is really nice :]
  • Larsa really helps with keeping Cecil (L) alive! 2 costs and does something is super useful, but don’t be afraid to throw away your Larsa with a Kefka to break something. It’s still just a 2-cost.
  • Emperor is a near mandatory play in this format. Unless you are forced to use other dark/light cards, you should play either Emperor or Zemus because they are flat out broken cards. It’s more to in than that – but wow – Emperor is a forward that helps us so much!
  • Ashe is really good against the current Lightning & Fire decks around. Definately a card to take a look at. Does not work very well against most other elements imo.


19 Backups
2 Shantotto
3 Yuna (5cost)
2 Raubahn
1 Jessie
3 Monk (opus 2)
3 Minwu
2 Astrologian
2 Monk (Opus 1)
1 Scholar

Minwu really works for us in this deck. Earth complements it well with many great card bodies that abuse Minwu to the max. It makes defending a piece of cake. There’s just no use arguing about Minwu. It’s a sick card that forces every single opponent to consider the card and build around it! 🙂

Yuna Ex offers counter to Golbez/Emperor/Vanille. Fewer targets for Devout and similar is fine too. If you don’t like Yuna Ex – drop for Geomancer(top checker)/White Mage (activate) or other cool tech that is better in your meta. I just feel that I really need these extra bounces quite often – and 5 for a backup and a bounce is a bargain. Bouncing Cloud or Emperor is a game changer <3

Tama offers great plays. Definately a great option. It effectively turns all your Forwards and Backups into summons – they are now playable regardless of their colour aswell as being able be played during your opponent’s turn. Best plays includes

Scholar is a top tier card. It’s great with Cloud of Darkness or Shantotto – both with and against. It’s also a pseudo-counter to the most common break effects – as we prefer keeping our characters. It offers really many plays. Sometimes leaving an open spot in the backups is just what you want. With Tama & Scholar – if required we can save a character from break and proceed to throw it back down on the board if in a crisis.

Mustadio is just like Yuna – a really sick play in certain situations. Potentially decimating their best forward while playing a backup. We can play 2 as we can delete it. It’s also a great Ex effect.

Keffka is one of the most underestimated cards in the history of the game. With a few really great low cost characters – Kefka turns them into absolute monsters.

Rydia helps us recycle key earth summons – allowing for using discard as a toolbox. Try to get an earth summon into discard in the early game. This is why we tech a little extra on the summons. A super flexible card that can swing the game in our favor.

Raubahn is one of the few ways Water & Earth can actually break something. This is often like a Seymour and being Ex is really something worth mentioning.

Shantotto is a fantastic tool to have. Especially as we are on a higher cost curve we’d prefer playing economy in the early game.




8  Total
2 Hecatoncheir
2 Golem
3 Leviathan
2 Titan

Titan is a great card in my opinion. Especially with the new Opus II Cecil! A fantastic card to have. Please note that the pseudo-cost effect of the targeting being dulled means we can save Cecil from having to block. Titan can be used to save a target we’ve been forced to use Kefka on among other things. Overall a decent card for 2cp and a card!

Golem is my personal favorite. I can’t stress how many times I’ve been sitting on one mana and they can’t hit you because you might have golem. It’s an absolute baller for 1 cost. Especially with Minwu! That synergy. Keep in mind that just having golem in deck forces your opponent to really not take risks in the attack/block phase. It’s just the best card in the game for me I think. Having this ace up your sleeve usually breaks atleast 2 characters per game for me and saves me from a damage or two as I’d have usually had to take a damage or lose a character without it.

Hekatonkers: This is about the most important card to have in an earth deck. One simply does not run a deck without the Hekatonkers. You simply lose against Lulu, Zemus, Kefka etc without it.

Leviathan is amazing and bouncing Gilgamesh (3), Lightning (L), Tidus (L) or Firion when they pay for the activation is sweet beyond anything else! Great as an Ex effect too as it saves games and may swing it in your favor by reducing their tempo. It’s also cheap and can be used to remove a single party attacker so the whole party so wiped off field. In general this is a very nice card – but the odin that costs 4 is simply better in nearly every way :I

Best options:

  • Fairy is just like Sylph is – a cheap way to reactivate characters that should not be allowed to untap. This often let you break a weak attacker that tests out the waters or if your opponent isn’t careful enough – they lose one of their big guys. Really lovely to have in all matchups but of particular importance in ice matchups as every fairy kills a Snow! Just having this card in deck means a Mustadio play is unlikely to happen! Also stops Laguna’s Desperado and Terra R’s on play effect as they require the target to be dull. A huge interaction!
  • Carbuncle is a cool new addition. Just having it in the deck means people will consider it when they play their expensive summons like 4/7-cost odins, Bahamuts! Right now I don’t feel that it’s very important, titan is generally better but this card is flexible. Unfortunately there are many decks that simply don’t run summons that we can stop! 🙁






  • Lightning: Power distribution and stopping key combos with Titan is amazing. The early game is difficult and the lightning deck will often lead. But with a Minwu up, monk golem and Titan prepared, it’s quite an easy match-up that can respond to most incoming threats. Dull effects somewhat countered by Astrologian.  Lulu H somewhat countered by Hecatoncheir. The match-up favours Earth/water 65 to 35 I’d say, mostly because of the immense late game.
  • Fire: With a lot of the burn effects gone the matchup is a fair bit easier. Lann is not seen as much because of Lebreau but was a concern because there are no cards with low power really. This machup is in favor of earth 60/40 I’d say. Cecil L, power distribution & Minwu stopping power distribution and Titan for stopping main combos being the reason.
  • Water: Bounce doesn’t hurt so much on other cards than Cecil. The matchup feels generally easy as long as one doesn’t play into Cloud of Darkness. Bounce are not so bad. Yuna H does not counter much in this deck. Don’t play expensive units too early.
  • Wind: The sheer ammount of reactivates are annoying but we are not relying on Mustadio anymore so it’s of little importance. If they pay for reactivating a defender we can distribute power to the target blocked. The threat of that is usally enough of a deterrence. Aerith is really annoying. Break her if possible or bait Aerith then Wincent. Hecaton on Maria or Aerith is often a great save. Emperor behind Aerith/Maria makes the shudder. Going after Maria or Aerith with Hecaton is key. Fortunately most of the scary wind ping-effects that were buffed in opus 2 can be stopped with Cecil L, power distribution &
  • Ice: The deck can’t do much about freeze. Faerie would help a little bit but it might not be enough. Kuja/Reaper are not chosen by our effects, summoner don’t have any expensive summon to target. Any ability with requirement to dull can be countered by Astrologian.
  • Earth: Usually turns out pretty awkward. Save the Hecatoncheirs for Kefka. Minwu is generally unimportant and Yaag useless. Ingus/warrior of light or version with Emperor are most difficult. Water does not help us that much in this matchup. I’d say this matchup is about 45/55 in win/loss ration.
  • Light: Warrior of Light is hard to deal with as a lot of our cards are 8-9k and that simply does not break Warrior of Light. Very difficult matchup. The Light Fusoya does not have many targets.
  • Dark: One of the most difficult matchups as all monks, Vincent, Warrior of Light etc are stopped from working. Save Raubahn & Yuna H for this specific card if you fear it coming. Any deck including an emperor of above 8k power or with ability to increase power (earth/wind etc) are really difficult to deal with as not even a normal Raubahn can do it for us. Have to get a chain of events in our favor for Emperor to die. Pray that the lumbering earth giant’s 8k+++ cards eventually force emperor into a fight and even a 1 for 1 trade with emperor is more than enough. Still – emperor appearing and in particular after having played Raubahn can mean an auto loss as we no longer can use most of our abilities. Save these key cards wisely and plan around this card. Fortunately the hardest matchup for us is Earth and it generally does not run Emperor.



  1. Nice deck idea. I’m not seeing Wakka(S) in the final list of forwards – anything you’d kick in particular in favor of him? I’d almost say Agrias, but that hits the curve.

    • Wakka is a great option depending on what you face. It stops Xande from triggering and is instant speed on his (S). We do not need to wait a turn for his effect to be used. Unfortunately I really cannot fit him in. If I face more Golbez (Opus 1) or Xande (Opus 2) I’ll probably include him. Atm I struggle for deck space and Agrias performs better in my meta where 2-3 costs are extremely common.

      If I’d have to drop something – it’d probably be a high cost unit or a summon.

  2. Id love to see more on the card art and such because as a newer player I dont simply understand the terms Vincent (s) or (L) would be nice to see a picture or put like the set number you know, to make it easier for the newer players to read

    • Hello! I’ll take this into account. I’ll add card numbers in the future probably. In general – there are few different variants so people usually state either the cost or it’s rarity. In this case – it’s a letter so we know it’s rarity. S=Starter, PR=promo, C=Common, R=Rare, H=Hero, L=Legendary. I will add more images in the future with a full decklist in an image up top to go around this a bit. Esp as names are different across languages and such – but art is not!

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