Supercell (Li/Ice)

A storm of hail and lightning


Well fitting for the deck, a supercell is not only wreathed in lightning but might also be a storm of hail! It aims to destroying anything it it’s path. Certainly a deck of great power we’ll see a lot of and many different variants will be about. It’s a really strong ice and lightning control deck



Main mechanics:

  • Dull/Freeze dulls aggression and keeps tempo up
  • Value from playing the cards – even if they are broken before they accomplish much on the field.
  • A lot of removal.
  • Punishes expensive early forward plays.
  • Great tempo plays
  • Rinoa for another win condition
  • Safe first plays against lightning and fire matchups with either onplay effects or for example Snow/Reaper
  • Store resources on the field with devout. Somewhat helps against shantotto



 23  Total
3 Al-Cid
3 Capricious Reaper
1 Emperor (Opus 2)
2 Rinoa
3 Rygdea
3 Gilgamesh (C)
2 Gilgamesh (S)
1 Lightning R
3 Onion Knight
2 Amon

Capricious Reaper is just great. Play from 2 or 4 backups and you’ll produce a card that is amazing against fire and ice. Nearly all removal becomes a loss against it. Red mages, Shiva, Leviathan, Odin, Al-Cid etc becomes a painful push in your favor – them losing a card on it is just what we like. This is what saves the mono fire and mono lightning matchups quite easily, they only have a few outs to it. There is no coincidence that this card was extremely frequent in the top 4 of UK&Irish Nationals.

Al-Cid is hands down one of this set’s most powerful cards. It is amazing. On anything without Minwu, you punish any forward play with breaking theirs while producing 2 of your own. This play is defining for this meta.


Best alternatives:

  • Cid Raines is about the best card I’ve left out. If you meet a lot of small forwards – go for 2x Cid Raines.
  • Gilgamesh is a good card. They take a lot of deck space but really perform.
  • Squall L received a small buff in Opus 2 – coupled with Cyclops his burn is actually lethal and he also beats an 8k character with it! 😀 Very powerful indeed.
  • Shelke is a cool card, but would require Ninjas, Rygdeas and other targets preferably.
  • Exdeath is flavor of the month but I left him out for now. He is great, but sometimes 6 cost is a liability.



9  Total
3  Odin (4cost)
3  Odin (7cost)
3  Cyclops

Odin 4-cost is the best removal in the game, the most really dangerous characters are either 3 or 4 cost. And Odin just removes it with instant speed. Great card. The 7cost, while good, isn’t as important. It’s Ex trigger is beyond godlike but as I rarely ever want to use it I spend 3 deck spaces to pray for it’s Ex effect. While it is probably the strongest ex effect in the game with a clean break and no particular requirements I just dislike random things that help me out once every 2-3 games.

Cyclops is a really great card that will do a lot of work for us. It goes around Minwu and Larsa and will net us a lot of breaks in the end. We can use it to break Cecil with combat damage aswell. And it’s Ex.

Mateus gets around a lot of different things – it doesn’t choose which is super handy. Carbuncle, Aerith etc cannot stop it. A very nice summon to have in a control deck. It’s cheaper than Odin and can stop some of the most frustrating cards. Unfortunately the opponent have to attack for it to work. But still. It is really cool.

7-cost Odin is a fantastic feeling more than a great card. Often dead in hand, it’s ex effect tilts any game. It’s too much fun to have in the deck but I’ve considered getting rid of it many times during opus 1. Still I want it to fit in somehow if only for it’s EX :I



 18  Total
2 Jihl Nabaat
2 Gramis
2 Time Mage
2 Seymour
3 Black Mage (opus 2)
1 Fusoya (Li)
3 Devout
3 Red Mage (Li)

Seymour, Fusoya, Black Mage & Jihl represents threats we use to punish any forward being played. Beating down their card while also getting a backup resource to use for the rest of the game.

Devout stores resources on the board. Best from 2 backups and discarding only one card, but can be played first turn in a pinch.

Red mage is crucial as you win by dealing damage. It also boosts the Amon play to a double-dull for 6 & an 8k forward! <3

Gramis is key aswell. Ideal for a 2nd or third turn backup but is really just here to make it 5 al-cid in deck in probability of getting one. Pseudo 1-cost AND searching al-cid is so good.


    • Hello! The summoner (1 cost) has little to no impact on the game and could be used in a deck that wants to spend no resources on backups, but still getting some economy. So a rush deck could play a 1cost backup or three without much problem but for this deck we really want the 3 cost Summoner which as described in motivations for each card presents a real useful tool to bolster our control over the game with proper defenses against most incoming counterplays ^^

  1. I would recommend in the posting for the card list that the set they are in as well as their casting cost. I’m sure for Onion Knight that it is the 3 cost lightning but later this might cause confusion.

    • Sorry for late reply. Sure, pm me on social media and I can send my opus 1 version of this deck. The deck gained extreme potential from Al-Cid. Apart from Al-cid & Black Mage – pretty much all important cards are Opus 1! ^^

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