Thunderclouds everywhere in Norwich as expected. A fair bit of mono lightning again and many lightning variants. Lightning Ice scoring 2 of the top 4 positions showing us that the Lightning/Ice really performs. Love to see this as it’s my 2nd favourite combination of elements! Al-Cid saw a lot of play as we expected because of the extreme efficiency and powerful destruction. Ice was seen a lot more here in Norwich and the meta wasn’t only mono-lightning sure pleases me!

Top scores became the Lightning/Ice combo and a rogue manikin variant scored the 2nd place. Very surprised there. Top score was Earth/Water Cecil/Vincent deck that fought it’s way through the finals.


The regionals in Dublin sported a quite adapted meta with nearly no mono Lightning in top. This was a small event with mostly Bo1 but it showed us that these players rather countered than played mono lightning. If you manage to stabilise against mono lightning and manages to have more than 0 forwards after their turn is over – you are likely to win the game. Cards like Minwu, Titan, Golem really helps us to do this.



Scotland’s regionals in surprises little and people have started to counter Mono Lightning a fair bit. While the matchup still might be hard – earth or water were in many of the decks. Minwus and distributing endurance was very frequent. Bit of a surprise is the ammount of ice cards present – probably because of the increased cost curves on most decks in the western world – that simply leads to a lot of 5 costs prevalent in the meta (Prishe, Gabranth, Edea, Golbez, Xande, Ultimecia, Cecil etc).

Once again Earth proved to be one of the top Elements and Adam Warnock piloted a Fire & Earth deck to the 1st place for a spot in nationals. Very nice! Love to see more Vincents! There were a fair bit of mono lightning and lightning variants present but not to the extent of for example Italy’s very heavy lightning format. I expect to see mono lightning drop to <20% of decks any time now, but it’ll remain popular as noone beats a lightning deck unless getting a decent start every game! You fall behind and the slope becomes really steep really fast.

Expect Minwu & ice cards to keep increasing and earth will be in about a third of all decks in some of the coming regionals. That is my bet! So practice against earth or lightning decks mostly – and make sure you can play around Emperor (dark) and Minwu we should be golden.




Another regionals is done! 86 players competed in London at Dark Sphere. This tournament was won by Jamie Faulkner with his take on the Wind/Water that won at Saitama & Italy (huge events) and it clearly prevailed in this format. No decks could keep up with the relentless replays and high-powered warrior of light.

Congratulations to Jamie Faulkner – he ended the first game of finals with a Blitz Ace – protected by Aerith. Second game, Lann did a fair bit against him but he came back and won. He closed with about 7 characters on field with 8k++ power.

Second player to qualify is Tush Tse who brought a very interesting Fire/Water. I saw great potential in Lann and thought he had the second game but lost eventually and thus scored second. But a huge congratulations to Tush who also qualified!


Shrewsbury regionals was a little bit smaller. Only 35 players managed to go to the tournament and a rogue Manikin deck piloted by Alex H┬áscored top. Most expect a crazy on play effect which edge goes blunt after a few turns. This deck was different, clearing the mirror match well and some great powerhouses for the mid/late game. People clearly didn’t expect it. The deck is fairly straightforward and have 27ish forwards. Only having 6 summons sometimes feels like an issue but it sure didn’t seem like it when the deck was played.

Earth/Water scored high once again to no surprise! Nathalie S piloted the deck well and qualified for nationals with the it! Congratulations!┬áReally loved to see earth & water score so high as it’s one of my favorites by far.



The regionals in Cardiff differed a lot from the earlier regionals. While certainly popular, lightning didn’t score so well in the end. Fire on the other hand sprang up at Firestorm Games and really performed! The strong tempo decks of mono Fire and Fire/Ice. Quite many mono element decks in the top still but the competition was fierce and the turnout of 64 players certainly was convincing. Fire & Ice had more teeth than it’s mono-coloured brethren and eventually got the victory after a fair few really tough games. Well played by James Connor who took the 1st place and qualification! Second place was Felix with his Mono Fire deck. Both performed well and qualified for nationals \o/