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Eases interactions with complications for now in many gray zones. Do a keyword search (usually CTRL+F)  among these for special ability name, card or character names. It’s usually here!

Opus 1, 2 and some misprint/errata listen below.

Opus 3:

Cards affected:  Error/problem/question Answer  Related Sources
Machina, Enuo, Golbez If Machina or Enuo collides with an opponent and both go to break zone – will their abilities still trigger? (4k burn, Out of Game)  Yes – if Machina or Enuo crashes into a forward and both forwards break – the forwards are put into the break zone effectively at the same time. Turn player does his part first. While being put into the break zone it is counted as both still were on field thus Enuo and Machina burn would still occur. Machina will not chain to more after this as it is in the break zone.  Twitter
Seven & Yuna (H) What can Seven stop? Does it stop all of Yuna’s abilities? Or just one? When Seven’s special is used – you pick 1x (S) Special or 1x Auto Ability and cancel it’s effect. With Yuna as example, it could cancel her Auto Ability which triggers “on-play” but her field ability with a replacement effect remains active and can’t be canceled by Seven. Twitter
Nine If a forward appear after Nine’s special ability resolves – is it allowed to block? For example producing a new forward after it’s used by effects of Scarmiglione or Tama. No, Nine’s Special changes the rules. No forward is allowed to be declared as a blocking character. Cannot also overrules must (in case of Cecil L) Twitter
Amarant & Yuna H If the target of Amarant never reaches the Break Zone because of Yuna H – does it still deal damage? Yuna H does not block Amarant from working. The wording “[..]the forward put into the break zone” is to clearly reference where the amount of damage done is taken from. That it reaches the break zone is not a requirement for the effect to resolve. Twitter
Amarant & removal/field effects If the target of Amarant is removed, how much damage is dealt? Printed? Just like Warrior of Light – the damage dealt is equal to the last known power of the forward you put into the break zone as cost. So if it had Maria – it would be printed cost +1k. Twitter



Opus 2:

Cards affected:  Error/problem/question Answer  Related Sources
Backups played with effects like Tama or Ingus If played from hand to field – backups enter tapped. Does the same go when they are played through effects like Ingus or Tama? When played – a backup always enters the field tapped. Twitter
Warrior of Light & Barbariccia If I use Barbariccia’s Special Ability. Does the light element Warrior of Light have 1k or 3k hp left? 3k. Barbariccia’s damage is calculated first – Warrior of Light simply reduces the inflicted damage. First calculate damage (7k) then deal it (Warrior of Light reduction –> 5k). Then Warrior of Light finally takes the damage. Twitter
Multiple modifiers to damage taken If a card have multiple effects that change damage taken. Like a Rosso made into a Warrior of Light and you currently control the light version of Warrior of Light. Which reduction of damage comes first? Rosso’s controling player chooses which reduction comes first. Twitter
Multiple modifications to damage dealt If there are multiple changes to damage dealt (like warrior of light  (fire r), summoner (opus2fire).
Example: Fire Warrior of Light with a Summoner’s broken this turn. Backed up by Maria.
Player controlling Warrior of Light decides order of these 2 damage modifications. Maria increaes power with +1k, Warrior of Light now deals either (6k*2)+1k or (6k+1k)*2. Twitter
Raubahn and removal If “forward 1” chosen by Raubahn is removed, how much damage is dealt to “Forward 2”? The effect cannot be resolved as at resolution, forward 1 is not a legal target, thus Raubahn’s effect fizzle. Twitter
Rosso & damage taken Is damage taken by Rosso rounded up or down? If I deal 9k damage to Rosso – does it become 4k or 5k? Damage dealt to Rosso is rounded up like specified on the card. So 5k. Twitter
Ninja 2-061C If I activate ninja twice – does damage double twice? However many times ninja have activated this skill – the damage is only doubled. Twitter
Balthier and backups with reactivate If I control Balthier (2-065L) and play Rikku (2-071R) can I somehow get both Rikku’s activate and Balthier’s? Yes, when the first activate resolve – use Balthier’s action ability. Then let the next resolve. If uninterrupted – the Opus 2 White Mage, Opus 1 White Mage & Rikku both gives 2 activations of Balthier’s  per play! Lot’s of burn \o/ Twitter
Al-Cid & no target Can Al-Cid play a card to the field despite there not being an active forward that Al-Cid can target with his effect? Al-Cid can be played to the field but if there is no legal target (opponent’s active forward) his effect is ignored. Without a legal target it cannot be put on the stack. No burn nor forward being played.

The entire effect also fizzles if the target is made illegal or if the target is removed from field. Example: Aerith (S)/Scholar (Bounce).

Warrior of Light (L) & removal

Warrior of Light (L), if he is removed from the board when (S) Bitter End is on stack, does it any deal damage?

Bitter end deals damage as if he was still the field.  If he has already been moved to another zone then it will be referenced as if it had not yet left it’s original location. Twitter
Golbez + Archfiends Golbez clumsily uses the term “[..]put into the break zone” which makes people wonder if those part of the cost reduce etc This should read – for each unique archfiend IN the break zone. The archfiends put into break zone while paying for Golbez changes nothing. The cost is already calculated prior to payment. Twitter
Shelke, Al-Cid and other on-play with effect with a “reward” for playing it If I play Al-Cid – Does damage resolve first so I could play Onion Knight to finish off the now damaged target? On play you declare a target and put Al-Cids complete effect on stack. At point of resolution – Al-Cid’s effect fully resolves and the character is played just after dealing the damage. Al-Cids burn resolves before play. Onion Knight now have a damaged target in Al-Cid’s case. Twitter
Al-Cid If Al-Cid have no target or if the target is made illegal. Does the whole ability fizzle? So no burn and no character played? If Al-Cid have no target or target is made illegal – no burn and no character being played! Just like with Sylph (see sources) the rest of the ability fizzles if a part before it is made illegal (choosing for example). Twitter


Laguna opus 2 [CAA] & Snow H interaction If Laguna and Snow Party attack. Which goes first? Can I choose? They are put on stack at the exact same time. You choose which goes first in this case. Please note that Laguna does not trigger if there is no dull forward before the party attack. Twitter


 Emperor & activation abilities  What abilities does the new Opus II Emperor prevent activation of? The new Emperor prevents activation & special abilities from being used – defined by Kageyama-san as abilities using the following syntax: “[COST] : [Effect]”. (S) abilities included. Twitter


 Dark Backups  Cosmos & Chaos were unique – but can the new dark backups be tapped for CP too? Dark backups act like any other backup. They can be tapped for a single CP of their element. See supplied rules for how backups act, this is no different 🙂 Twitter


EX Bursts and auto abilities. Ashe, Kuja, Rosa etc Can an Ex burst trigger auto abilities like Ashe, Kuja and Rosa despite not exactly being part of stack? Will Brynhildr Ex break ashe?  Ashe breaks – while Brynhildr ex triggers ashes effect, Ashe’s +3k would resolve after the ex burst. Unfortunately, Brynhildr is enough to break Ashe  Twitter
 Raubahn & dealing damage (Warrior of Light, Cid Highwind)  Does abilities like Warrior of Light (R, Fire) work with Raubahn’s effect? Is it treated like the forward is dealing the actual damage or Raubahn?  It’s indeed treated like the forward is dealing the damage to Raubahn – if Warrior of Light (R Fire) deal’s damage to a card of cost 4 or higher, it’s damage is doubled. Cid Highwind dealing damage to a character through Raubahn could force it’s mill effect through! 🙂  Twitter
 Tifa L & it’s effect timing  If Tifa uses L but my opponent produce a new forward – is it still bound by the Tifa L effect (scarmiglione or Tama + 1-3cost forward for example).  Yes, Tifa’s effect is a lingering effect that changes the game’s mechanics for this turn – stating that a forward of cost 3 or less cannot block until end of turn.  Twitter
 Vincent (L) breaking  Would a black mage bringing Vincent to zero power force him to break despite only breaking to “damage”?  Yes, power reduction will force Vincent to the break zone. His power is reduced to 0. It does stop things more like Odin, Divider, Omnislash etc.  Twitter
 Tama & Xande  Can Tama play Emperor Xande with other than Fire CP?  Yes, Tama’s ability let’s us play a card on Tama’s terms. This supercedes Xande’s fire only cost requirement.  Twitter



Opus 1:

 Cards affected  Error/problem  Confirmed to be:  Related sources
 Kimahri If Kimahri uses Ronso’s rage on Cloud (L). Since it doesn’t state that I must choose an ability but a Character the opponent control – does Kimahri gain both abilities? Yes, Kimahri gains all of the chosen opposing forward’s Special abilities and can use each of the character’s Special abilities once for free. Twitter
Wakka (S) Status Reels on cards with abilities


If I use Status Reels on a Gilgamesh with it’s (S) Morphing Time active. Does it become 1k? Gilgamesh changes the printed card to 1k power. The effect added on top persists – Gilgamesh becomes 8k. Twitter
Activate/dull cards already in that state


Can I use a dull or activate a forward already on that state? So activate an already active forward is possible? As long as it’s a legal target you may dull or activate a card already in the state you attempt to put it into.

Sylph/Faerie can be used on an activate forward, Snow (H) can target a dull forward.

Paine [conditional activation] If I play Paine and play Yuna and Rikku in response to it’s effect (Tama & Devout?). Do I get the Paine benefits? Paine’s ability enters and immediately dissapear from stack as it checks for the condition on play and no matches. Twitter
Costs payed after “:” Bahamut’s fury can cost effectively 4 cp, where a single card could be discarded to deal 7k instead of 5. But when is this card discarded? Bahamut’s fury’s extra card is payed at resolution, not upon payment & declaration. Twitter
 Terra (R) & removal If Terra (R) is played and you double her damage. If she is removed as a response. Does the double still count or is it a field effect and thus offline? Terras (S) is a field effect. If she is no longer present – the damage modifier is lost. Damage still resolves unless target is made illegal (reactivated or missing for example)  Twitter
 Cecil  If I Tama -> Cecil (Water) as response to a summon. Is the spells target now illegal, since it isn’t targeting Cecil?  No, Cecil was not on field when the target was chosen, so Cecil was never a legal target.  Twitter
 Tama, Summoner (Li) & cost reduced cards  Tama plays characters differently, and Lightning (Starter) is now 2 cheaper to play because of having 2x FFXIII forwards. Can I play Lightning if I break Tama and pay 4 CP?  When referring to “characters of cost x” or summons – it’s printed costs. So Tama can play up to a printed cost of X where X is the ammount you payed apart from breaking Tama.  Twitter
Gordon, Minwu and non-lethal damage interaction  If my Gordon blocks and the opponent resolves a dancer after Gordons ability is resolved. With Minwu among my backups, does Gordon die?  Gordon dies. Gordon makes the first source of damage deal zero. Minwu comes after this and sais Gordon doesn’t take damage lower than his health. Unfortunately Gordon still dies as his ability is now used.  Twitter
 Dull & activate effects  Can I use Shiva on a target already dulled to also get a freeze? And use sylph on an active forward?  It is allowed to dull a dulled forward and activate an activated forward for example. But not as payment! Only effects.  Twitter
 Characters breaking when both have Yuna (H) If both players control Yuna (H). Who chooses what happens to a forward that goes from field to break zone? Both players then get the option to send it out of the game. None can force it to stay.  Twitter
 Characters going to break zone as payment & Yuna H  Does Yuna (H) prevent Archer, Tama & Devout as we cannot pay the costs? They don’t go to break zone.  No, paying the costs is enough. If an ability changes the “result” is ignored. Yuna doesn’t block archer for example.  Twitter
 Cloud of Darkness  If I play Cloud of Darkness, do you select targets upon play or resolution?  Cloud of Darkness targets are selected upon resolution of the spell  Twitter
Bartz  In the text box it sais “Bartz has all the jobs”. If I can search a knight, can I pick Bartz?  Bartz is mostly unemployed when in hand or deck. Only on the field is he considered as having all the jobs.  Twitter
 Cards abilities/effect that use “Select” or “Choose” wording  Cloud of Darkness ability says select. Can Zidane be chosen? Must Cecil be chosen?  The wording “Select” is not the same as “Choose”. Zidane & Cecil’s unique effects are ignored when selecting a target.  Twitter
requirements like [dulled][active]  Does Mustadio’s on play effect or Laguna’s (S) Desperado fail if my opponent reactivates their forward with Sylph or Faerie as response to it?  The ability no longer has a legal target when it’s time to resolve it. Aerith, Sylph, Faerie or Titan might stop these from resolving since they change forward dull/active state required. Twitter (Aerith, related)

[Official FAQ]

 Emperor, Golbez, Vanille, Yuna (H/5cost)  Does Yuna counter & block Golbez’, Emperor’s and Vanille’s effects?  The ability doesn’t trigger. In this case, card is removed instead of put into the breakzone.  Twitter
 Power loss (Kain) / Black Mage (Opus 2)  What happens if a card reaches zero power?  A card reduced to 0 power or health is put into the break zone.



12.4.4. Characters whose power is 0 or less are put
In the break zone.
12.4.5. Receive damage equal to or greater than power
The character is broken.

 Targeted summons & abilities with requirements (Mustadio & Laguna L)  If I play Mustadio and choose a target, and my opponent use Sylph after choosing it. What happens?  Mustadio’s ability now has an illegal target and does nothing. Declaring target is done while paying while the target is really chosing by the effects AFTER thus why Aerith & sylph for example can stop the effects.  Official FAQ
 Cecil interacting with targeted spells.  Must my Sylph target my opponent’s Cecil?  All spells (friend or foe) that keyword ‘choose’ targets Cecil must do so.
Please note that Ex are optional trigger decided by damaged player. Also that if two or more targets are allowed, Cecil must be but one of them.


 All ex bursts  What type of effect are Ex bursts? Abilities, Summons, separate effect type? Can Zidane be targeted by for example Ifrit ex burst?  Ex effects retains their source type. If Ex triggered is a summon it’s a summon.  Twitter
 Ex Burst effects  Can you respond to an Ex Effect?  No, Ex effects resolves immediately and disallow responses.  Twitter
 Auto Abilities  Can Auto Abilities be stopped?  Once triggered, auto abilities cannot be stopped, but allows responses (unless target is made illegal)  Twitter 
 Kimahri & stolen (S) abilities   Can Kimahri benefit from special abilities like Blitz Ace? (“Tidus gains[…]”)  Kimahri can use effects like it had the character’s name  Twitter
 Declared attacker & shiva/dull/(S) requiring dull etc  If I have to dull an attacker as response to attacking with it (Omnislash or opponent Shiva) – Can I still deal damage?  As long as the attack is declared before activating an effect that dulls occurs (Omnislash, Shiva etc) – the attack goes through as usual.  Twitter 
 Party attackers with & without first strike  How is first strike handled in party attacks?  For attackers, first strike applies only if all attackers have it. Defenders simply deal their damage before (can distribute damage freely).  FF TCG FAQ
 Wakka & specials as response  If Wakka’s (S) is used as response to an ability already put on the stack. Does that ability still play out?  Yes, if already on stack, Wakka cannot stop it. The stacked ability is completely separated from the character using it.  Twitter 
 All Summons/abilities  Unclear which phases abilities & summons can be used  Summons and activation abilities can only be used in attack & main phases.  Twitter 
 Multiple Category cards like DFF-VII or DFF-X  DFF characters will (mostly) have 2 categories. Can Jessie still target Light Cloud who is DFF – VII?  Cards with 2 categories like DFF – VII are both “DFF” AND “VII”  Twitter 
 Cecil & multiple target spells  With Cecil out – what happens with effects that target multiple forwards? Is only Cecil chosen by Jihl?  As long as the condition is fulfilled that Cecil IS TARGETED – targeting others aswell is fine.  Twitter
 On play cards  Can you respond to your own abilities? And On Play Effects? Yes, you can respond to your own abilities  Twitter
 Blocking characters  If a forward is blocked, but the blocker is removed as response, according to stack it happened before? Hence I’d deal a damage?  As long as a forwards attack has been blocker – it cannot deal damage to a player on this attack. Even if the defender is removed in any way.  Twitter 
 Aerith & summons/ability interaction  Can Aeriths response stop summons and abilities that target forwards?  Abilities/summons that chooses forwards affected by Aeriths response now have no legal target and fails.  Twitter
 Summoning sickness  Does summoning sickness (abilities that require tap not playable the turn they are played) last until the end of my turn or for a full turn rotation?  Summoning sickness lasts for a full turn duration.  Twitter
 Party attackers with special abilities  Can Zidane make my other party member unblockable too? Effectively letting for example Mime hit safely? Brave only works for the one with it.  No abilities are transfered to party members. Zidane/brave etc denied other party members.  Twitter
 Power modifications and Minwu   Any power modifier like Warrior or Light, Terra (R) etc is counted first – if it’s lethal by then it bypasses Minwu.  1: Minwu is calculated LAST always (after Terra/Warrior of Light).
2: Tidus with Minwu dies from Warrior of Light.







Cards affected:  Error/problem Correction:  Source
Backups with abilities costing [Dull] Starter deck rules are not so specific – it states forwards cannot activate abilities with dull as part of the cost the turn they are played. The CHARACTER (not forward) cannot use abilities with dull as part of the cost unless they have haste or have been on the field during a start of turn.  Twitter



Phase related questions:


Stack related FAQ:

Priority FAQ:

Phase Flow FAQ

Cards affected:  Error/problem Confirmed to be  Source
Attacking forwards Does the attacking forward still count as “attacking” at the end of the damage step? And this isn’t a new attack preparation step we’re talking about? Attacking forward is still attacking until back to preparetion step or you finish the attack phase.  Twitter
First strike/normal Is there an opportunity to cast summons or abilities inbetween first strike and normal damage? Nope. It’s a flat resolution with no interaction during. Have to act before (after block) or after (between resolution and the next attack preparation step)  Twitter


Phase flow chart made my Gene Wilson Flowchart Seems to be legit – Source