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Heard rumours from a solid source that we have OP starter packs on their way to local gaming stores! Some support and instructions are on their way!


Official FAQ is up:

Several basic questions are answered here but a few more advanced rulings incorporated.

There is a really interesting FAQ about Sylph. Everyone thought that you resolve as much as you can of a spell and that each effect is separate but this FAQ states this:

  • 1-074R – Sylph – “Choose 1 Forward. Activate it. All the Forwards you control gain +1000 power until the end of the turn.” If I cast Sylph to activate one of my Forwards and then that Forward is broken by my opponent’s Summon or ability placed in the stack, do my other Forwards still gain + 1000 power?
  • As the Forward activated by Sylph is actually broken by your Opponent’s Summon or ability (played last so occurring first in the stack), Sylph’s condition can no longer be fulfilled therefore your other Forwards don’t gain 1000 power.

So you declare that you use Sylph – pay and declare target. Sylph first choose a forward. Cecil if she exists on the board. But otherwise you can proceed to target one of your units. The effect is then put on the stack to resolve later.

Then we wait for responses/Sylph’s place in the stack. When it’s time to resolve Sylph, if the chosen target is gone from field or became an illegal target – the rest of the spell stops resolving. so no 1k power. So effects with ‘.’ inbetween have to resolve from left to right, top to bottom. Attempt to resolve the first part – then proceed to resolve the next part. Stop unless you can resolve each bit? What’s the differences between ‘,’ and ‘.’? Bit unclear.

This becomes really important on all cards with mandatory conditions since they now fizzle more often and cards that change states on cards or make them illegal is made even more powerful! So Aerith is more of an omnicounter now! 😀


Additional FAQ:

While not the comprehensive rules, I have a lot of answers directly from one of the game developers available on the link above. Different Kimahri rulings, illegal targets, summoning sickness timing, misprint/errata and a few other stuff is linked with source there. Can be used as reference for now atleast.



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